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Like any sportsman who comes to the starting line being well prepared, a future entrepreneur should possess the knowledge that would allow him/her to make the first steps in a secure environment. The guide we are making available through this website is designed to explain step by step what should be done by a person who wishes to launch a business activity. This guide, however, is to an equal extent designed for those entities intending to extend the areas of their activity, to develop their existing business, and to reorganize or liquidate their business.

Assess! What you have and what you don’t have, what you want, and what you can
  • Do you know what being an entrepreneur means?
  • Do you have an idea about a sustainable business?
  • What type of business is most suitable for you?
  • Analyze you strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks
Are you ready to start up a business?
 Find out! Who can you consult with?
What is the legal framework?
What legal form is advantageous for you?
Where to register your business?
How to finance it?
How to obtain grants and technical assistance?
What taxes and fees should you pay?
How to obtain licenses and authorizations?
How should you keep accounting?
What does the consumer want, and what does the market allow?
Why do you need to protect the consumer?
Why is it good to register the brand mark?
How to develop an efficient marketing mix?
How to select your staff?
What are your responsibilities before the employees?
How to communicate ?
Develop a business plan!
Prepare the ground! Choose the right time! Start up your business!
 Manage! Gestioneaza corect resursele!
Fii abil în negociere si evita conflictele!
Sign successful contracts!
Carry out control! Evaluate progress!
 Develop! Increase enterprise capacity
Promote and increase sales!
Be competitive! Be loyal towards the competitors!
Lunch your products on a foreign market!
 Reorganize! Carry out a marketing audit!
Change your partners! Change the legal form!
Choose a new office building! Develop a new business plan!
 Liquidate! Close up you business!
Start again from the beginning, in a different way!
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