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Who you can consult with?

However competent and well-informed you could be there can at any moment take place some situations of psychological blocks or uncertainty. This is the case when you should consult specialists having a lot of experience and a good reputation. These persons called consultants can guide you with respect to the possible ways of assurance the efficiency of your activity. Consulting can expand the information basis, help you to evaluate the situation objectively and discover more opportunities. Like a magnifying glass it can help you see better the details that you can skip with the naked eye.

In the Republic of Moldova there is a large network of institutions providing consultations in different spheres of business starting with the idea coming to your head and finishing with the liquidation of business. Here are some of the most frequently provided services of this kind in the local environment:

Spheres Consultations


  • Guideline on the first steps (starting with the choice of the respective idea and finishing with the organization of the enterprise)
  • Development of the managerial strategies and of the business plan
  • Identification of the opportunities for the setting up of profitable commercial associations
  • HR selection and management
  • Development of business
  • Quality management, etc.


Marketing and communication

  • Marketing demand and consumer behavior
  • Market segmentation
  • Development of the efficient marketing mix
  • - Production policies
  • - Pricing policies
  • - Promotion policies
  • - Distribution policies
  • Integrated marketing communication
  • Marketing audit
  • Development of negotiation strategies and tactics,
  • etc.

Consultation on financial and accounting issues

  • Obtainment of funding
  • Planning and financial analysis
  • Assistance in the sphere of accounting
  • Consulting on fiscal issues
  • Audit
  • etc.

Legal consulting

  • Choice of the legal form
  • Preparation of documents for registration, obtainment of licenses and authorizations
  • Preparation of contracts
  • Mergers and procurements
  • Mediation
  • Assistance in the legal bodies
  • etc.

Informational technologies

  • Computerization of the enterprise (from the establishment of technical parameters and choice of  soft applications and finishing with the networking of computers)
  • Instructions on their use
  • Development of the web-site
  • Assurance of information security
  • etc.

The consultation product is the report drawn up by the consultant and containing identification and analysis of the problem and a set of proposals that should be implemented including the well-scheduled action plan. Remember! Consultant can only recommend, he is not responsible for the decisions that you may take afterwards!

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