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Prepare the ground! Choose the right time! Start up your business!

A business launching is done in a right manner and time. What does this mean?

  • First of all, this means that you have prepared the ground, i.e.: you have the necessary capital to make investments involving any start up; you know the demand, you are certain you can insure the product flows according to the demand, you know the market trends; you have provided optimal working conditions to your employees (you have arranged the office/commercial space accordingly), you have the required authorizations and licenses ; and  that since you decided to organize a launching by insuring preliminary publicity, the message about your stepping into the business world has already reached the potential clients and you are being expected.

  • Secondly, this means that you have arranged the launching in a time period when the market conjuncture is most favorable for you; the consumers thinks „it is high time” for your product/ service to emerge; promotional handouts will be disseminated by time blocks, according to a well-developed media plan, and that your investment will be fully justified respectively.
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