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Close up your business! Start again, in a different way!

It happens that, at a certain point, you may have to liquidate your business for one reason or another. Whether you cannot any longer be competitive on a market with growing requirements or have an opportunity other than business, the liquidation procedure is the same regardless of the reason making you to stop. Articles 34 and 35 of the stipulate the situations in which the liquidation procedure is initiated and how it is carried out. Thus, after making the decision to step on the liquidation path, see  what needs to be initially undertaken and what documents you should submit to the State Registration Chamber. Start the procedure!

If you still want to stay in business and to not work again for „a master”, talk to yourself as you did in the beginning and see what didn’t work. May be you associated with the wrong persons...Oftentimes, too much trust does us an ill turn. Maybe you overestimated your capacities or underestimated the destructive power of the competition, becoming a victim of the latter... Anyway, if you finally come to a well grounded conclusion that you are made for business, do not give up! Learn from your own mistakes and start from the beginning, but in a different way!

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