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  • RISP II Program

    RISP II Program

    Objectives: Recovery of the best available business opportunities to create businesses in rural areas through entrepreneurs' access to knowledge and funding. Target Group: Any interested person to...

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  • Career Development Programme for Women

    Career Development Programme for Women

    Objectives: Empowering vulnerable women with reduced capacities to make independent life choices and to ensure economic well-being. Target Group: The program is for vulnerable women without age...

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  • IAS: „Business Incubator in Soroca” Project

    IAS: „Business Incubator in Soroca” Project

    Objectives: Increased survival rate of the enterprises from Soroca. Target Group: Enterprises with potential growth and entrepreneurs with viable business ideas from Soroca. Main Activities:...

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  • SMEDRA South Project

    SMEDRA South Project

    Objectives: Increased productivity, incomes and employment in Moldova's southern districts by creating replicable examples of business and increasing the role of small and medium entrepreneurs in...

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